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Father 40 Day Challenge Book

Father 40 Day Challenge Book

How much time do you spend with your children? Studies show that the average father spends 30 minutes a day with his kids. Do you want to go deeper in the relationship with your children? At times the world tries pulling you away from your family, while God is calling you closer. The Father 40 Day Challenge is just what you need! This book is a 40 day journey to capturing your children's heart. It will lead you step by step as you use actions and activities of acceptance, affection and affirmations that will lead to a closer relationship. 

No matter the condition of your relationship, the Father 40 Day Challenge will help you to gain more ground. Malachi 4:6 says that God desires to turn the hearts fathers and their children towards one another. Start your Father 40 Day Challenge today and start your hearts turning!

What can you expect from the Father 40 Day Challenge?

* Hours of planned fun that lead to fellowship.
* Designed discussions that lead to destiny.
Exciting activities that led to many memories.
Planed legacy that will touch generations of your family to come.
Intentional healing of known and unknown wounds.
Releasing identity over your children.
A closer relationship with your kids.
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