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Fatherlessness:The American Epidemic Documentary

Fatherlessness:The American Epidemic Documentary

Like a vapor of smoke, millions of fathers have disappeared from the lives of their children, In the past 60 years, America has gone from 8 million fatherless kids to over 24 million. These numbers clearly scream one word, *EPIDEMIC"

Start a movement in your city? We can help! Fatherlessness The American Epidemic Documentary comes with everything you need to get started. For just $50 you can launch a fatherhood movement. What do you get?

*40 Min Documentary (Fatherlessness The American Epidemic)
*F.T.A.E. Movie Trailer For Promoting Your Event.
*F.T.A.E. Movie Posters In 3 Large Sizes For Promo.
*F.T.A.E. Power Point Facilitator Questions.
*Bonus Footage & Much More!!
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