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Fight Like A Man

Fight Like A Man




Iron Sharpens Iron! Get ready for sparks to fly in this sword sharpening, fire igniting journey. Fight Like A Man is a manifesto for manhood. Within its pages, is a clear reminder that we are born male but we must choose to be men. There are no participation trophies handed out at the end of this fight. As men, we must be fully engaged and fight for the gold medal, which is our families. Brian Pruitt takes his readers into an extraordinary passage of scripture where Eleazar, one of David’s mighty-men models to all men how and when to fight like a man.


The question has been asked once before in history and now Brian Pruitt asks us once again. “If not us, then who? If not now, then when?” It's time to fight for faith, family, manhood, and fatherhood. It’s time to Fight Like A Man!

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