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Power of Dad Workbook

Power of Dad Workbook

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The Power of Dad Workbook
He loves me. He loves me not. This is the confusion we have left with the next generation. When we read the newspaper or watch the news we are often shocked by the acts of today's youth. What we have failed to ask ourselves is what role have we as men played. Begging for an identity the youth of this nation has for the most part been void of the voice of its fathers. The Power of Dad Workbook challenges men around the world to lift up their voices. The Power of Dad Workbook will help you to dig deep and transform your life. It's time to revitalize the relationship that you have with your child.

The Power of Dad Workbook is great for:
Individual Study and Self-Assessment
Small or large Men's Study Groups

What you can expect to learn from this Workbook:
The power of a father's influence.
How to stop your past from hindering your child's future.
The power of an apology.
How to love yourself more so that you can fully love your child.
The eight mirrors of a man.
How to help develop your child's identity.
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